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Amalgam-Free Dental Crowns and Bridges in Marlborough

Image of couple relaxing outdoorsAt Marlborough Dental Studio, Dr. Vanessa Newton offers high-quality crowns and bridges to renew your smile and restore your dental health. If a decayed tooth causes you pain, we can help resolve your dental issues and give you back a confident smile. Our compassionate practice cares about your health and uses safe, amalgam-free dental materials.

If you reside in Sudbury, Boston Metro West, Framingham, Marlborough, MA, or any nearby communities, our staff is looking forward to providing you with the excellent services you deserve. Call us today and schedule your visit!


Dental Crowns for a Beautiful Smile

Crowns are a versatile treatment used to protect and repair severely damaged teeth. It is designed to cover the whole tooth from top to bottom and protect it from further infection. We use the best-in-class dental techniques to deliver crowns that fit your smile precisely.

Reasons You May Need a Crown?

A crown is a popular restoration that addresses a variety of dental issues. Dr. Newton may find a crown to be a suitable solution if you have any of the following:

  • An uneven bite
  • A cracked tooth
  • Worn, misshapen, or small teeth
  • A tooth with moderate to severe damage
  • A large filling
  • A single dental implant
  • Severe discoloration

We usually recommend the most conservative treatment option possible. We will refer you to a skilled specialist in our network for cases that require root canal therapy or extraction.

How the Crown Procedure Works

The crown procedure takes two visits. First, our staff will perform the required x-rays, and Dr. Newton will examine your teeth. If your case requires a crown, our team will shape the tooth using special tools and take impressions. The impressions and shade color are sent to a trusted local lab, where they will create your crown. 

Crown creation takes 10-14 days. Once we receive your crown, our team will call you to schedule your visit. During your final visit, we make any needed adjustments to ensure your crown fits precisely. Our master technician comes into our office to provide you with perfect aesthetic shading for your crown. 

What is a Bridge?

Image of implant supported bridgeA bridge is an effective solution designed to replace several missing teeth in a row. It consists of two artificial teeth (pontics) held by two crowns. These two crowns are attached to the neighboring healthy teeth on both sides of the open space. A fixed bridge is an affordable and effective treatment to restore your smile. At Marlborough Dental Studio, we offer custom bridges for a complete smile. We also offer implant-supported bridges as another option.

How Many Teeth Can a Bridge Replace?

The exact number of teeth a bridge can replace depends on your unique circumstances and the type of bridge used. While a traditional bridge supported by crowns may replace up to 3 teeth, an implant-supported bridge can replace up to 6 teeth.

What to Expect When Getting a Bridge?

Image of patient looking at dental x-rayDuring the first visit, x-rays are taken, and Dr. Newton will examine your teeth. If you qualify for a bridge, our team will go over all the details with you and explain the procedure options. We can help you decide whether you will need a traditional fixed bridge or one supported by dental implants.

For a traditional bridge, the abutment teeth are prepared so the crowns will fit over them. Then, impressions are made and sent to a local lab to make the bridge. We will place a temporary bridge to protect your teeth and gums while waiting for the permanent bridge to be ready. Once we receive your restoration from the lab, we will schedule your second appointment to remove your temporary bridge and add your permanent one.

For an implant-supported bridge, the procedure will involve placing the implants first. We will send you to a trusted specialist for this treatment. After you have healed from implant surgery, we will take impressions and send them to the lab to fabricate your bridge. This procedure doesn’t require contouring any of your existing teeth. Once we receive your restorations, we will call you to schedule a time for placing your permanent bridge.

Marlborough Crowns & Bridges to Complete Your Smile

At Marlborough Dental Studio, you can have a complete smile once more. We serve Marlborough, Sudbury, Boston Metro West, and Framingham, MA, with excellent crown and bridge treatments. If you are looking to replace or restore a tooth, Dr. Vanessa Newton and our friendly dental staff are happy to provide you with the care you need. Call our practice and get started today!


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